When it comes to digestion, there are plenty of bandaid solutions that provide a very narrow view and singular solutions that address only a small part of the problem. If that is what you are looking for, you may want to move on.

However, for those who want to have a more holistic view of how to alleviate bad digestion and create an inner ecology that allows you to thrive, then strongly consider the following factors that are key to eliminating your digestive problems.


Inside the body lives a vast number of bacteria without which we could not remain in good health. There are over 100 trillion in each person with over 400 different species, most of them living in the digestive tract. Two prominent bacteria are Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, and together they reduce the levels of harmful bacteria and yeasts in the small and large intestine that typically create poor digestion.

So to increase your uptake of these and other helpful probiotics, you can take a probiotic supplement or consume probiotic rich foods on a daily basis. If your digestion is particularly poor, you may want to do both until you get a handle on your inner ecology. Following that, you should be able to maintain the proper balance through a variety of probiotic rich foods which also supply several other digestive and health enhancing effects.

For list of 4 of the most powerful, read 4 Powerful Probiotic Foods That Create A Strong Immune System.

Low sugar diet

Once your digestive system has become imbalanced, cutting back and sometimes avoiding all kinds of sugar often becomes necessary. This is due to the fact that these unfriendly micro-organisms thrive on sugar and will hold their place in your digestive tract as long as you supply them with this steady food source (this is especially true for those battling a Candida overgrowth).

This is not just isolated to processed sugar, as foods naturally high in sugar (like bananas) will also do a fine job of feeding these unpleasant bacteria and fungus.

To find out if the state of your digestion makes sugar consumption a problem, check out the spit test.

Lower stress

Stress creates all sorts of problems for your digestive system. It strips your body of various vitamins and minerals (B vitamins and magnesium to name a couple), tightens your muscles, slows down bowel movements, and inhibits absorption of enzymes and probiotics, as well as other nutrients.

If stress becomes chronic, it can create and exacerbate a leaky gut condition, by making your intestinal lining more porous and allowing more undigested food particles to enter the blood stream. When this happens, an immune reaction kicks in setting the stage for chronic inflammation.

To lower your stress, stop focusing on the things that make you feel bad. Use grounding herbs like reishi and chamomile, meditate, take a magnesium bath, diffuse calming essential oils, or read a calming book.

Avoid and remove heavy metals

Heavy metals are introduced into our bodies in a variety of ways, but some of the more problematic channels are through fish, vaccinations, and mercury amalgams. Not only does this create a great burden for proper liver, gallbladder, and pancreas function (including secreting bile to facilitate digestion), but heavy metals also kill off good bacteria to further impair the digestive process.

Heavy metal detoxification is a delicate process and should be handled by a professional, but you can consider introducing chlorella and cilantro to your diet to help bind and remove them from your system.

To learn more about avoidance and removal of perhaps the most noxious substance you could ever have in your body, read How To Avoid Heavy Metals and Remove Them From Your Body.

Avoid prescribed antibiotics

One of the most prominent assailants on proper digestion is prescribed antibiotics. These medications have been used unscrupulously by the conventional medical system and have not only managed to kill off bad and good bacteria (turning your digestive system into a wasteland), but they have also helped create superbugs which exposes us to an even higher level of pathogenic dangers.

In many cases, these antibiotics are not required as homemade remedies have proven to be as effective without the side effects. For the ultimate antibiotic recipe, make this antibiotic tonic.

Of course, there is a multitude of ways to create better digestion that extends far beyond this list, but if you master these factors you should achieve significant results.

For an incredibly simple and effective kickstart, incorporate this powerful, digestive mastering superfood powder.

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Derek Henry

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