You’re in a hurry and not ready to make a full transition to a completely holistic and healthy lifestyle, but you want to get rid of your annoying symptoms that have been created by a multitude of toxins and nutrient deficiencies. What do you do?

You get cozy with these 5 “health shots”, and watch your body cleanse and remove the symptoms from a multitude of conditions, naturally!

Wheatgrass shot

Popularized by Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Institute, wheatgrass shots have been relatively obscure until recently, thanks to juice bars and health food stores flaunting its beneficial properties.

Like any health food, how it is grown and harvested is of utmost importance. In the case of wheatgrass, indirect sunlight seems to work best and harvesting it at the jointing stage when it is at its sweetest. Keep in mind that wheatgrass can become easily contaminated with mould due to its tightly bound roots in most soil, so make sure any fresh wheatgrass you buy or harvest has been kept in a low humidity environment.

When you consume wheatgrass, you can expect a rich source of vitamin A, B-complex, C, and E. It is also a great source of manganese, zinc, copper, and iron. It contains a dozen trace minerals and 17 amino acids, and is n excellent source of chlorophyll (the blood of plants) and enzymes.

With that said, consuming wheatgrass shots on a regular basis can help:

  • Build healthy blood

  • Stop growth of unfriendly bacteria

  • Treat skin conditions like eczema and acne

    • Fight tumours

    • Improve blood sugar problems

    • Improve oral health

      • Improve digestion and receive constipation

      • Relieve arthritis

      • Remove heavy metals

        • Lessen effects of radiation

        • Increase function of the heart

        You can consume wheatgrass by getting a shot at the local juice bar, buying it in frozen cubes at your health food store, or growing it yourself at home and putting it through a masticating juicer.

        Blue green algae shot

        Another superfood green, this time from water, algae is a nutrient powerhouse that can help heal a multitude of health concerns. You’ll find it mainly in superfood green powders, but it is also available in liquid form (usually frozen first).

        Algae comes with many different variations, including chlorella, spirulina, and blue green algae. They all offer very similar nutrient profiles and healing properties.

        As for nutrients, algae can deliver a massive amount of vitamins, including A, B-complex, C, E, and K. It also is rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and many trace minerals. It is a great source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), a rich source of protein, and a potent source of chlorophyll and enzymes.

        Due to this nutrient dense profile, you can expect it to be incredibly detoxifying and nourishing, and to provide the following benefits:

        • Detox the body from mould, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and Lyme disease

        • Promote production of healthy flora, bacteria, and probiotics

        • Promote a properly functioning immune system

        Algae is typically found in powders, which can be added to water to make a powerful shot. You can also find blue green algae in the frozen section, which you can thaw and use directly in a shot as well.

        Get some Clean Chlorella for your powerful algae shot!

        Apple cider vinegar shot

        Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has become a very popular remedy of late, primarily because it has created “miracles” for many people in many areas of their health. It is simply a double fermentation process of apples reduced to cider.

        However, due to that fermentation process, you end up with a beverage that introduces beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids that can help detox and nourish your body to improve digestion, relieve heartburn, stimulate the lymphatic system, help get rid of candida overgrowth, and strengthen the immune system.

        You can do an ACV shot straight up (not recommended for beginners due to acidity) or in a small glass with some water. Start with one ounce a day, and eventually try using it prior to any meal.

        Antibiotic tonic shot

        The antibiotic tonic is a special shot that combines some very medicinal ingredients that have a very synergistic and detoxifying effect. Each ingredient on its own is a powerful detoxifier in its own right, but when combined together, the results are exponentially amplified.

        This shot is aptly named as a way to rid yourself of a bacterial infection (it can work on viruses as well) without the need for toxic and dangerous prescription drugs. However, it can also be used on a daily basis to help remove any toxic accumulation.

        For the full recipe and dosage, refer to the Antibiotic Tonic Recipe.

        Coconut kefir shot

        Coconut kefir is relatively new to the scene, but is another incredibly powerful detoxing and nourishing shot that provides a tonne of benefits. This concoction is simply the result of fermenting coconut water.

        Coconut kefir is especially helpful for recolonizing your gut and mucous membranes with healthy strains of beneficial microflora. At the same time, it hunts down and destroys pathogenic yeasts in the body, like Candida overgrowth. These two processes alone can help resolve blood sugar imbalances, weight problems, poor immunity, low energy, and digestive concerns.

        You can buy coconut kefir, but it isn’t a prevalent solution in most markets. The easiest solution is to buy it from a reputable source online, or if you feel motivated, make its from scratch using this Coconut Kefir Recipe. For beginners, a one ounce shot a day is a great start.

        Any one of these shots will start to detox and nourish a less than healthy body, but rotating through each of them will also have a more comprehensive and nutritive effect. Try them all, see what works well for you, and use them wisely!

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