Four Simple Solutions To Prevent Your Children (And You) From Getting Sick

No one likes to see their children get sick, and no one wants to be sick and need to take care of their children at the same time. However, in our reactive society, this often becomes the case as we tend to feel overwhelmed or uninterested in being proactive with our health so sickness becomes a regular visitor in our home.

Although being active with our health and our children’s is well worth the pay off, sometimes it’s just “another thing” parents need to do and it falls down the list of priorities. But what if you had 4 very easy solutions that were economical and required very little time that helped prevent sickness in your children, and you, in the first place?

Welcome to four solutions that fit that promise.

Essential oil diffusing

Essential oils are a very “trendy” topic nowadays in health circles, with many considering them as the ultimate remedy for nearly anything. Formulated by extracting a plant’s oil from its flowers, leaves, branches, or roots, these oils generate much of their therapeutic benefits through their pharmacological properties and small molecular size making it very easy to penetrate bodily tissues and be taken up by our airways.

The actual chemical make up of these oils gives them a lot of desirable medicinal qualities, including being very antibacterial, antiviral, and antispasmodic. Their therapeutic properties make them effective for treating infections, and since they are broad spectrum, they can benefit multiple areas of the body at the same time.

There are many ways to use essential oils, but one of the easiest, most time effective, and practical solutions is to cold diffuse them in the bedroom. By diffusing these oils into microscopic particles in a smaller space that is occupied for conceivably 8-12 hours overnight, you can create an emotionally balanced and antibacterial “safe haven” on a daily basis. To make it even more automatic, plug the cold diffuser into a timer, so that it goes off at predetermined intervals before and during sleep.

All oils contain certain antibacterial properties, so you can decide which to diffuse based on what scents your child or you enjoy the most.

Learn more about essential oils and how to use them, here.

Antibiotic Tonic

Another important aspect to generating strong immunity is to consume foods and herbs that are proven to prevent and treat various infections that challenge the immune system. If you can manage to keep that system working effectively, you can remove various infections before they can even take root and mitigate their health compromising effects much faster than average (often within 48 hours).

The best way to do this is to focus on copious amounts of organic produce (fruits and vegetables), healthy fats, and clean animal protein (if desired), while limiting intake of immune compromising foods like wheat (any glutenous grain), dairy, sugar, pork, and highly processed foods.

Since this can be a difficult transition for many to achieve, the easiest way to take in a potent combination of the strongest antibacterial and viral foods and herbs is through a daily dosage of the Antibiotic Tonic. This remedy will keep for extended periods of time in the cupboard, and can be easily taken orally or hidden in certain foods.

Get the Antibiotic Tonic recipe here.

Water Kefir

An essential part of maintaining proper immunity is to keep your gut happy. This means maintaining a proper balance between good and bad bacteria in your intestinal system, and keeping bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections at bay.

One of the best ways to do this is to consume copious amount of probiotics on a daily basis. Since many food based probiotics are unappetizing to many children (and adults), and swallowing a pill is difficult, the easiest and most economical option is water kefir.

Water kefir is simply purified drinking water that is cultured using kefir grains and sugar, to create a bubbly, probiotic beverage that can be flavoured in a multitude of ways to fit your child’s taste buds. After some initial set up, this process takes up to 15 minutes every 2-3 days, and costs very little to achieve in comparison to other fermented foods and beverages.

You can line up the kids for “power shots” every morning and night with 1 ounce servings of this powerful beverage, and get those probiotics in easily and effectively.

Get instructions on how to make water kefir, here.


Grounding, also known as earthing, is based on research that having a connection to the earth’s electrical energy promotes well-being. Since every human being has a certain electrical frequency that naturally resonates with that of the earth, it makes sense to stick close to it a much as possible.

Unfortunately, we have become disconnected from this source due to excessive use of footwear and gloves, that essentially insulates us from this healing energy. Making this issue much worse is an overabundance of alternate frequencies like EMF’s that bathe our youth in these “over-stimulating” energies, mainly through electronics such as phones, gaming consoles, iPads, and more.

For a more comprehensive list of every day sources and their “charge”, read EMF Exposure – Protect Yourself.

Fortunately, when weather permits you can access this immune builder by simply getting your bare skin on the grass, dirt, rocks, and beach (and get some immune boosting Vitamin D from the sun while you are at it). Since this is only available to few on virtually a daily basis, there is also grounding technology that allows you to ground yourself indoors so you don’t have to wait for the weather.

You can look into these grounding devices, here.

Once set up, these 4 solutions are very easy to maintain. Diffusing oils on a timer and being grounded while sleeping is a 1-2 punch that can’t be denied, especially during a child’s key regeneration period – during sleep. Couple that with a simple dose of the antibiotic tonic and some water kefir, and you’ve done a spectacular job of maximizing your money and time for your child’s improved immunity, which will result in much less sickness over time.

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