The Secret Items That Cause Fat Gain And Their Healthier Substitutes

In an effort to lose weight, the common actions people take are calorie restriction, food elimination, and exercise. Although these all have their merits, there are also many other things that lead to a diseased body which then accumulates fat to protect itself.

Here are some of those secret items that will contribute to keeping you overweight and unhappy, as well as their healthier substitutes.

Items that cause fat gain and their healthier substitutes

1. Teflon Pans (stainless steel).
2. Plastic Food Containers (glass).
3. Mercury Fillings (white resin…remove mercury fillings at dentist certified by only).
4. All Medications – Prescription and Over The Counter (eat healthier, think healthier, and consult with an ND for natural options).
5. Cell Phones (away at least 3 feet, hands free, airplane mode).
6. Cordless Phones (corded phones).
7. Wireless Routers (wireless off before bed, hard line the router as soon as possible. When you hard wire the router, make sure your computer WiFi is also off).
8. Smart TV’s (remove microwave emitting device – check YouTube for instructions).
9. Living Too Close To Power Lines (think about making a move).
10. Staying Up Past 10:30 (go to bed before).
11. Getting Up Before The Sun (shower, meditate and relax to improve sleep).
12. Chemicals Common In Non Organic Processed Foods (eat more natural food).
13. Pesticides Common On Non Organic Produce (eat organic).
14. Pesticides and Chemicals Common in Non Organic Meat (reduce meat – eat organic).
15. Genetically Modified Foods (use organic only in the GMO food categories).
16. Coffee (quit).
17. Pasteurized Commercial Fruit Juices (make your juice fresh).
18. Sugar Based Energy Drinks Like Gatorade, Powerade (quit).
19. Caffeine Based Energy Drinks Like Red Bull, Rock Star etc (quit immediately).
20. Under Arm Deodorants with Aluminum (use aluminum free).
21. Fluoride Tooth Pastes (use fluoride free).
22. Chocolate and Caffeine Based Teas (quit).
23. Non Organic Personal Care Products (start subbing in organic).
24. All Alcohol (quit).
25. Flavored Waters (drink only spring or natural sparkling).
26. Fabric Softener (quit or use natural options).
27. Artificial Sweeteners (quit).
28. Microwaved Food (heat on stove).
29. Wheat Gluten – wheat pizza, pasta, breads, bagels, pancakes, toast etc – (go organic and gluten free).
30. Pasteurized Dairy (use unpasteurized organic or quit).
31. Non Organic Chemically Infused Personal Care Products (sub in organic options).
32. Toxic Conventional Sunscreens (use full spectrum non toxic versions).
33. Too Frequent and Too Intense Exercise (listen to your body).
34. Tattoos and Piercings (quit……everyone has them, they’re not original).
35. Junk food, Candy, Sweets, Ice Cream, Pastries, Pies (quit).
36. Movie Theatre Popcorn Butter – huge cancer causer – (bring healthy snacks).
37. The Toxic Coating Inside All Take Out Containers (don’t pollute, save yourself as well).
38. Stale and Uncirculated Air Inside The Home (open the windows).
39. Elective Surgeries That Leave Foreign Objects Inside The Body (work on decorating the inside instead – love yourself as you are).
40. Non Elective Surgeries That Remove Organs (live healthy, quit the cult of cut, poison and burn).
41. Stinkin’ Thinking – an addiction to crisis and chaos – (get healthy and the mind changes itself for the better).
42. Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances and Sprays (sub in organic versions).
43. Toxic House Cleaning Supplies (sub in organic versions).
44. Vaccines (skip outright and research).
45. Aluminum Pans and Tin Foils (use steel based cooking pots, pans etc).
46. Chlorine In Tap Water and Swimming Pools (salt water pool, clean spring water).
47. Conventional Table Salt (Himalayan sea salt).
48. Commercial Low Quality Vitamins, Protein Powders, Supplements (use Innate Response Organic).
49. Margarine (use organic butter and coconut oil).
50. Commercial Salad Dressings – that use soy, canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower or sunflower oils (make your own with olive oil).
51. Smoking Marijuana (vaporize, ingest or quit).
52. Smoking Cigarettes (quit).
53. Light from TV or Computer Screen After Sun Down – (less screen time).
53. Pop and Diet Pop (quit or get your affairs in order).
54. Junk Food and Fast Food (love and care for yourself to a higher standard).

The reason these items cause weight gain, disease and cellulite is because every one of these items are proven to stress the body. The stress system is the fat gain system. A body under stress increases fat gain and water retention in an attempt to dilute and buffer the toxic insult. Although one item on the list most often won’t cause a massive amount of fat gain or disease on its’ own, combining these toxic attacks can indeed trigger large increases on the scale and sudden onset of chronic disease. Go over the list and see what items you can remove from your lifestyle, in an effort to accomplish your health related goals.

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