Kids Health – A Proven Formula

No sane person sets out to harm our children in any way, but unfortunately people are not equipped with a good foundation of knowledge on kids health and how to raise healthy children.  Quite often, people attempt to start when it’s much more difficult to incorporate and as a result fight a serious uphill battle.  Learn how to give your kids health a strong foundation that they can carry out for the rest of their lives.

Healthy mom and dad equals healthy children

The first step in addressing your kids health is addressing your own before you ever get pregnant!  Very few people will ever consider this, and in my opinion, this is why doctors unwittingly warn against pregnancy in even the mid thirties.  Quite simply, our health degrades as we get older and that provides more risks to providing the right environment for healthy children.

Scarily enough, most women don’t fully understand the fact that their bodies are the storehouses of nutrition that their kids health will ultimately rely on for the first couple years (pregnancy and post).  The habit of not building up this storehouse, and passing it down through generations, creates a weakened genetic profile that leaves the next generation more nutritionally depleted than the next.

Healthy children have healthy starts.

It begins with mom building up her storehouse of nutrition so that once she becomes pregnant, she has “more than enough to go around”. After all, she needs to provide for her nutritional requirements, as well as the living being that is relying on her from the same “plate”.

So what do you do as a busy person trying to get your health straight so your kids health will start out right?

Start with varying your diet and quit eating a mono diet filled with grains, dairy, and meat.  So many people have a diet of 20 core foods, that does not address your nutritional requirements. The only way they could is if they were 20 super foods that contain a comprehensive and complex nutritional profile, but the reality is most people have not even heard the term “super food”, let alone eat them regularly.

The simple act of juicing fruits and vegetables once a day, having them as a snack, and introducing smoothies for breakfast with the addition of good super food powders and vegetable protein meal replacement shakes, along with other super foods like bee pollen and goji berries, can greatly increase your storehouse of nutrition without labouring in the kitchen 8 hours a day creating immaculate meals.

Sure, it would be awesome to have the latter, but at this point there’s not much sense in creating a environment that makes it tough to start and incredibly difficult to maintain.

We want habits you can sustain, and add to once you master them, to create a vastly improved state of health that you get to pass on to create healthy children.

Dad doesn’t get off the hook either, as the quality of his sperm also has a profound effect on the initial “seeding”.  You want that seed to be as wholesome and pure as possible. When you focus on getting healthy before you get pregnant, you’ve set the stage for phase 2, the “download”.

Healthy children need access to a spectrum of nutrients

Once you do get pregnant, you should immediately consider how you maintain and crank up your nutrition in anticipation of the “download” that’s going to want their fair share of the “offering”.

This means more of the same, and starting to offer at least one meal a day that is outside your go-to-meals, that offers solid nutrition.  Again, think super foods (plant based) that are dark in colour and full of nutrition that provide healthy fats (like coconut oil, chia seeds, ground flax, quality nuts and seeds), vitamins and minerals (green vegetables from land and sea, sprouts, colourful fruits, and super foods like cacao, goji berries, quinoa, ganoderma, and bee pollen), and ultimately a boat load of oxygen (the essence of life) which is found in all plant based foods.

These foods can create end products of smoothies, juices, salads, soups, and healthier conventional foods like wraps, stir fry’s, and even pizza (quinoa flour, fresh tomato paste, and plenty of vegetables with a sprinkling of feta cheese makes a nice pizza that’s much healthier than the traditional).

Incorporate these foods at a pace they can be accepted, but incorporate them methodically if you truly care about your kids health, and as important, your own! Then we move to stage 3, a new born baby!

Breast milk is paramount

A healthy woman feeding her baby exclusively breast milk for at least 6 months is done by a little better than 30% of the population, according to the CDC stats from 2000-2008.

This means that 70% are being fed formula which is dramatically inferior to breast milk for nutrients and immune support that is so important in the early stages of life. To create healthy children, you must come to grips that formula is not going to provide that nutrition, and most of them are filled with ingredients that set the stage for digestion problems, weight issues, and an affinity for “bland” and low nutrition foods that fit their developing palates.

Learn the truth about formula vs breast milk, and your options.

Women are given the ability to feed their children through breast milk for a reason.  Aside from the fact it is superior to formula in every way, it’s also much cheaper.  Why spend money on formula when you already spent money on food that you can pass on for FREE to your baby?  Makes a lot of sense when you think about it rationally.

I do realize that some women can’t breastfeed, but often it is a matter of priority and really trying to make it work.  Many give up in a matter of days and never try again, some never try, and others claim that their milk never came in.  The latter may be very true, and for me it’s a sign of how we have become so contaminated that even natural processes such as that have been circumvented by nature.

If you are not breastfeeding, consider you next best options.

For those of you who want healthy children, breastfeeding and sticking to a lifestyle as described above for the first 6 months to a year are absolutely imperative. This sets the stage for healthy habits and the final phase of cementing the future of your kids health.

Making nutrition a lifetime habit for your kids health

The first 5 years of your kids life will set the stage for a lifetime of habits.  Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you set them on the right track, and that they will stay on it over the long haul?

When you eat a wide variety of healthy foods with strong and different taste profiles, you help develop a palate for your children so that broccoli becomes more appetizing than Big Macs (it does happen).  Eating the same, boring, and like-tasting foods develops your children to like the same types of foods…and the habit entrenches itself until someone brave enough stands up and decides to break the cycle.

When you do decide to change and you create a “healthy palate” to create healthy children, and you combine that with a healthy environment around food and choices for the first 5 years of their life, you’ve drastically tipped the odds in your favour that your child will choose health promoting foods and activities that will be natural to them.

Sure they may fall off the wagon and engage in fast food and other gut menacing foods, but the point is that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and as along as they choose healthy more often than not, you’ve placed them in the 90% percentile of healthy children, and adults.

It’s time to create a new generation of healthy children, and it all starts with our efforts to impact our kids health in a positive way.  Following that, everyone is happier, less snottier, and things flow much more smoothly.

Your absolute best bet to secure this healthy life for you and your children, is to educate yourself and be your own “lifestyle doctor”. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how so it is simple, easier, and permanent.

Get that healthy lifestyle plan, here.

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