Healthy Iced Cap Coffee Recipe

There is a bit of an addiction to coffee in North America, but when Mother Nature turns up the thermostat, people tend to look to other ways to get their coffee fix without the hot beverage. In an effort to help you make a healthy transition but still enjoy your summer treat, I’ve put together this very simple, healthy, iced cap coffee recipe. Enjoy.


The purpose of this recipe is to provide that summer treat that you crave, without all the caffeine, sugar, milk, and other modified ingredients. With the alternative coffee blend, sugar, and milk, you turn the typical corner store treat from a gut and liver damaging beverage into a gut and liver supporting beverage, with a taste to match.

Equipment Required
  • ¬†Quality blender
  • Add almond milk, ice, Dandy Blend, and stevia into blender.
  • Blend until smooth. Add more or less ice as necessary.
  • Whenever the craving hits you!