14 Health Tips Everyone Needs To Follow For Fantastic Health

When figuring out how to improve our health, thoughts of supplements, therapies, exercise, and “silver bullets” often come to mind. Some of these inclinations do have merit, but ultimately it takes a more complete, consistent, and holistic approach to feel real change in the body and mind on a daily basis for years to come.

Unfortunately, most people are going for the home run when really they should be focussing on making contact with the ball, and racking up some base hits first. They want to throw that Hail Mary touchdown when they are down and nearly out, but that approach almost always turns into disappointment.

Realistically, anyone who has become truly well (especially if they were really sick) has applied a number of successful health practices on a daily basis. Just like any individual who has accomplished anything, the consistent application of the basic fundamentals is the only path to achieving life-changing goals.

So if you’re not completely healthy right now, it may be time to review these results-driven basics so you can enjoy fantastic health. This is a great refresher for long time health enthusiasts, and a great introduction for those just getting started on their health goals.

Health tips for fantastic health

  • Stay positive. Be mindful of your thoughts, and replace negative ones with positive ones at least 51% of the time. Be grateful. Have perspective. Choose your support system wisely. Stay connected to nature. Learn to love yourself. Meditate. Get the magic.
  • 70% of your diet should be fresh organic produce (more raw than cooked, and in season preferably). If organic is not possible, eat raw fresh conventional produce as long as it is not genetically modified. Eat more vegetables than fruit. Use the EWG Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen for guidelines.
  • Eat a big salad with many vegetables in it every day. Make a superfood smoothie or juice as well. Try this smoothie recipe, and this juice recipe.
  • Consume fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi) and beverages (coconut kefir) as part of your daily routine. Get a sauerkraut recipe here.
  • Choose other “superfoods” for their nutrient density, and consume daily. Here’s 8 great ones.
  • The more fresh, clean, natural spring water you drink, the healthier you’ll be. Drink at least half a gallon per 100 pounds of bodyweight every day. If you can’t get unadulterated spring water (fresh from a spring) get pure, clean, and properly filtered water. Make sure you are aware of these water guidelines for choosing the best water.
  • Avoid the deal breakers like refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, conventional dairy, GMO foods (ie. non-organic corn, soy), alcohol, caffeine, and any other synthetic ingredients. Also, limit or eliminate gluten, and moderate your intake of “healthier” sugars like coconut sugar, cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, and brown rice syrup (stick with stevia instead). The less you use these sugars, the better you will feel on a day to day basis.  Always avoid these ingredients.
  • Eliminate as many toxins as possible by choosing organic, filtering all your water, using plants and essential oils at home and in work spaces, and buying natural personal care and houeshold products.
  • Stay grounded. Choose bare feet and hands to get in touch with the healing energy of the earth to offset positive frequencies like EMF’s. Look into grounding technology when this isn’t possible. Learn more about grounding and how to do it every day, here.
  • Get the proper rest. Go to bed before 11 pm and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Repeat. Be consistent. Learn how to get a deeper sleep, here.
  • Get plenty of Vitamin D. Choose sun exposure first, and use a supplement if required (if you get less than 9 months of consistent sun in a year in which you can expose at least your arms and legs). See if you may have a deficiency.
  • Continue to use a high quality nutrition powder and adaptogenic herbs (for adrenal support) like reishi daily, even while eating the healthiest diet. This is the “extra” support required in today’s world to stay in optimal health. Get a seriously life-enhancing green superfood powder here.
  • Exercise daily. This can be simple as a nice walk, rebounding, or yoga. Depending on your state of health, you may be able to increase the intensity to achieve an even higher level fo health. Be careful not to overdo it – listen to your body and use rest days.
  • 1-2 times a year, consider doing a basic detoxification protocol for you digestive system and liver, for optimal maintenance. Learn the best way to detox, here.

Of course, there are many details within each of those points, and you can research each of them until you turn blue in the face. It’s your choice how deep to go and how much time and money you have to experiment. It also depends on what level of health you desire.

For those who are more impatient, and want the details of such a plan so they can actually enjoy truly improved health from someone who has mastered the art of creating it, check into the THRIVE Online Health Program.

Make 2017 the year you have a new lease on life!